In Remembrance of Me

A Reflection by Matt Weber

I’m often annoyed to hear people my age have stopped going to Church because it’s “boring.”

Whether their complaints are with the music or the homily or the age and demographics of the community, my answer always is: “Parts of the Mass can always be improved, but it’s perfect in the Eucharist.”

I never tired of the traditions and preparation of the Mass that conclude with receiving the Eucharist—to me, it’s the most precious moment of my week.

This Lent, I encourage you all to rediscover and be fully present when receiving the body or blood of Christ. To not lose sight of the beauty and perfection, sacramental grace and profound experience in this age-old tradition of becoming closer and more like Jesus. At times, focus less on what’s wrong with Church, and more on what’s not just right, but perfect.

Matt Weber

Matt Weber

Matt Weber is an author as well as the host of the CatholicTV show, A Word with Weber.

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