Loving Like Jesus: 3-Minute Retreat


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Loving Like Jesus

Brendan McManus, SJ, shares his reflection on today’s retreat:

Take some time to reflect on your life journey: the people, places, and experiences. Try to find a sense of gratitude. It can be really hard to accept that we are loved unconditionally; often our experience is limited and soured by lack of love. Somehow though, we still retain hope and recognize love when we see it. Consider that a person might give up his or her life for you; think about how Jesus has done that already for you. You are forgiven and loved beyond belief. Let that sink in. Think about how you would want to return that love and how your life would be different if you lived from that reality.

Brendan McManus, SJ

​Brendan McManus, SJ

​Brendan McManus, SJ, is an avid hiker whose love of pilgrimage emerged during his Jesuit training when he and a companion begged their way across northern Spain.

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Redemption Road

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