Matters of Life and Death: 3-Minute Retreat
Matters of Life and Death

Karen Beattie shares her reflection on today’s retreat:

I heard someone once say, “May you leave many tombs behind you.”  It’s a shocking statement in many ways. “Tomb” implies that there has been a death. Who wants to die? But the statement also implies a resurrection. If you are “leaving a tomb behind,” that means that somehow, you have been resurrected and you have gotten up and walked out of the tomb.

We are living out the gospel story of life, death, resurrection—the paschal mystery—throughout our lives. Whenever we experience a loss, or life doesn’t turn out the way we want, or we have to give up a dream. During those dark times, a part of us dies, but the story doesn’t end. We get up and walk out of the tomb into new life. I cling to the resurrection story. It is the rhythm of my life. It gives my suffering context. It gives me hope.

Karen Beattie

Karen Beattie

Karen Beattie is the author of Rock-Bottom Blessings. She has been a writer for more than 20 years and been published in several publications including Moody, Christianity Today, and Midwest Living

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Discovering God’s Abundance When All Seems Lost

In Rock-Bottom Blessings, Karen Beattie writes that abundance is found in the transformation that happens when we experience God’s presence during periods of grief, loss, and discontent.

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