New Life Is Given

A Reflection by Brendan McManus, SJ

The heart is thought to be the center of the person, the place of emotions, desires, and intentions. Today’s retreat verse focuses on our desire for renewal and a “clean heart.” It’s our desire for a new start, to “clean up our act” and to have good intentions and desires. Falling short and making mistakes is part of being human, so we can sometimes feel like failures. The really good news here, however, is that with God’s help a new start is possible. We can shine again with God’s love and start afresh. The secret is to join our desire for renewal with the overwhelming love God has for us, letting it seep in and clearing a space in our hearts.

Brendan McManus, SJ

Brendan McManus, SJ

Brendan McManus, SJ, is an avid hiker whose love of pilgrimage emerged during his Jesuit training when he and a companion begged their way across northern Spain.

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