Nothing is Impossible for God: 3-Minute Retreat

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Nothing is Impossible for God

Craig Sidol shares his reflection on today’s retreat:

But I tend to get caught up in the “shoulds” as I go through my day: I should be strong enough to deal with the fact that my grandpa is dying; I should be able to get through a tough day at work; I should be able to help a struggling friend.

But when I take time to refocus and pray, I’m often reminded that I should be relying on God.

It’s through opening my life to God, allowing Him to be present in everything that I do, that I acknowledge that all things are possible for and with God.

God will help me deal with the fact that my grandpa is dying. God will get me through a tough day at work. God will help me with a friend who is struggling. 

Craig Sidol

Craig Sidol

Craig Sidol is a resident minister at John Carroll University. He is currently training for a half marathon and applying to graduate schools.

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