Received with Thanksgiving

A Reflection by Becky Eldredge

How many times have we heard phrases such as “We are created in God’s image and likeness” or “God doesn’t make junk”? I cannot count the number of times I heard these words! Why then, is this basic principle of our creation so hard to understand about ourselves and about other people? Why is it so hard for us to believe that God is still part of our ongoing creation, that God is awakening goodness in us, that God is calling goodness out of us, and that God is birthing goodness into the world through us?

Perhaps it's life’s events, which at times bring anger, worry, sadness, or tiredness into our hearts, and block our ability to understand that all that God created is good. Sometimes, it might be our own sinful choices that block our ability to see our own goodness or the goodness in others.

How can we combat our ability to not see God’s goodness at work? We can ask for eyes to see as God does, and we can daily review our day, offering prayers of thanksgiving for the gifts of our lives. This simple practice of offering God thanks every day for the gifts of our lives fosters awareness of God’s abundant goodness in all that God creates.

The Adaptive Teacher

Becky Eldredge

Becky Eldredge

Becky Eldredge is an Ignatian-trained spiritual director, retreat facilitator, and author of two books: The Inner Chapel (Loyola Press, April 2020) and Busy Lives & Restless Souls (Loyola Press, 2017). She leads a ministry that offers spiritual direction, resources, and retreats (virtual and in-person) rooted in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Passionate about Ignatian spirituality and teaching people how to pray and discern, Becky draws from over twenty years of ministry experience to help people make room for God in the busyness and invite them deeper in their walk with Christ. She holds an M.P.S. from Loyola University in New Orleans, a M.Ed. from Louisiana State University. You can learn more about her ministry at

A young, busy woman offers a fresh Ignatian perspective on how to satisfy our restlessness within by making space for prayer in the midst of a demanding life.

The Inner Chapel draws on spiritual ideas and practices from the Catholic faith to guide readers towards inner closeness to God that is available to all.

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