Seeing God's Face

A Reflection by Robin Davis

At times in my life, I have felt alone, with roadblocks and struggles that seem insurmountable—when my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, for example. My reflex might be to turn away from God, perhaps in anger. But turning toward him with my heartbreak and struggles gives me the path to strength. I’ve learned to also look behind me. The road I walk, no matter how difficult it may seem, has been trekked a million times before. To find God in those who have had the strength to walk this path before is to see the proof that God will sustain me too.

 Robin Davis

Robin Davis

Robin Davis has been a food writer for almost 20 years. She is currently the food editor at the Columbus Dispatch, where she hosts a weekly cooking segment on the local CBS affiliate. She is a wife to Ken and stepmother to Ben, Molly, and Sarah.

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