We are Connected: 3-Minute Retreat
We are Connected

Megan Arteaga shares her reflection on today’s retreat:

I have a friend who loves giving gifts. They’re mostly small things, like a book or a candy bar, but they let us know he’s thinking of us and cares for us. It’s usually not so much the gift itself that strikes me as it is the love I know is behind the giving. It’s similar to the Eucharist: the Father’s sacrifice in giving his Son and Christ’s gift of his own self are so striking because they come from the deepest kind of love there is. If I allow it, this kind of love changes me, and inspires me to reflect it outward to others. It helps me continue to grow in God’s image; a growth that might even be shown through the simple loving gift of a candy bar.

Megan Arteaga

Megan Arteaga

Megan Arteaga is the sixth- through twelfth-grade Youth Ministry Coordinator for the Church of Santa Maria, a small parish in Orinda, CA.

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