We Are on a Mission

A Reflection by Eric Gurash

Jesus’ invitation to share in his mission may not always coincide with our personal schedules. We may find ourselves with our children in the park, shopping at the grocery store, at work, at the dinner table, or at any of the thousands of simple, mundane tasks that fill our days. Our challenge is to hear his gentle words, to open our eyes, and to see how it is that we are being called to share his love with those around us, whoever they may be. While our response may require a change in priority, a shift in attitude, or a letting go of our own wants and desires, our Lord’s constant assurance abides; we will never fish alone.

Eric Gurash

Eric Gurash

Eric Gurash is a former radio personality and 17-year convert to the Catholic faith who holds a B.Th from Newman Theological College in Edmonton, AB.

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