You Are Not Your Own

A Reflection by Mike Lorenzo

You’ve probably heard the phrase “God in all things”, and you (hopefully) have personally experienced this -- while gazing around a beautiful old Church, or listening to great music. It’s easy to find God in the majesty of a sunset or the words of a beautiful poem or scripture, but how about when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror every morning?

Whether we like it or not, God has created us in his own image and loves our soul, mind, AND body. Just as we honor God through prayer and study, so too do we glorify him when we take care of ourselves. God doesn’t call us to superficial beauty standards but rather to dignity and health. When we outwardly value these things and make the necessary choices to maintain them, we glorify the God that created them.

It’s hard for me to stand in a beautiful Church and imagine my body in the same way, but it’s true. We are all absolute masterpieces made by God. And we are called to live this life in a way that reflects that truth.

 Mike Lorenzo

Mike Lorenzo

Mike Lorenzo is a proud convert to Catholicism, a passionate speaker, and a musician.

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