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Discernment can help us to understand God's desire for us. Learn more about discernment and the discernment process.

Freedom and Discernment

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By Vinita Hampton Wright

Freedom and discernment go hand in hand. Learn more about spiritual freedom and making wise decisions.

Discernment: Consolation and Desolation

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In the Ignatian tradition, discernment involves two key words: consolation and desolation. Margaret Silf describes the role of these words in discernment.

Discernment: Making Inspired Choices

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By Joe Paprocki, D.Min.

Discernment is a decision-making process that honors the place of God's will in our lives. Learn more about discernment.

Discovering Your Dream

By Gerald M. Fagin, SJ

In Discovering Your Dream, Gerald Fagin, SJ, uses St. Ignatius’s principles of the Spiritual Exercises, coupled with an Ignatian approach to decision making, to guide us through a discernment process that truly satisfies our deepest desires and brings us closer to God.

What Shall I Do? Decisions Through Discernment

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Learn about discernment—the art of discovering how best to respond to God in daily life. Read more about Ignatian spirituality in this article.

Prayer is listening with a discerning heart

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Prayer is listening with a discerning heart. Prayer and discernment helps us to freely choose what is best for us and for the reign of God.

God’s Voice Within

By Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ

In God’s Voice Within, Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ, explores Ignatian discernment—the process of developing spiritual intuition in order to respond to God’s will.

Always Discerning

Always Discerning

By Joseph Tetlow, SJ

An exploration of spiritual discernment—What does it mean? How do we do it?—that draws on Pope Francis’ call for lay Christians to discern in ordinary life.

God Finds Us

By Jim Manney

In God Finds Us, author Jim Manney makes the Spiritual Exercises more accessible than ever by revealing his inner monologue of thoughts while he did the Exercises and giving everyday, relevant examples of sin, discernment, and meditating on the love of God.