Author Biography - Vinita Hampton Wright

Vinita Hampton Wright 

Vinita Hampton Wright is a Loyola Press editor and writer of many books, including Days of Deepening Friendship and Simple Acts of Moving Forward. She has been practicing Ignatian spirituality for a decade and writing about it for nearly as long. She lives in Chicago, IL, with her husband, two dogs, and two cats.

Articles by Vinita Hampton Wright

  • Lent Begins

    As Lent begins, reflect on how the hard places in our spirits can loosen up through the Holy Spirit.

  • Quiet Before God

    A heart that is quiet before God focuses only on God and divine qualities such as love, mercy, and peace. Enjoy this video reflection.

  • Bring to God Whatever Burden Hinders Us

    Vinita Hampton Wright suggests we bring our burdens to God this Lent.

  • Is Lent Enough?

    Lent is the season for truth-telling and repentance. Vinita Hampton Wright leads a video reflection asking, “Is Lent Enough?”

  • Managing Ourselves

    Managing ourselves requires the help of holy love. Read this reflection by Vinita Hampton Wright.

  • Honesty During Lent

    Honesty During Lent includes having the courage to be honest with yourself. Read this reflection by Vinita Hampton Wright.

  • Spiritual Freedom in an Emotional World

    What does it mean to be spiritually free when life is an emotional roller coaster?

  • The Choices We Make

    Vinita Wright considers what gets in the way of wise decision making.

  • Freedom and Discernment

    Freedom and discernment go hand in hand. Learn more about spiritual freedom and making wise decisions.

  • Praying with Color: Finding the Sacred in Coloring Mandalas

    In this video, Vinita Hampton Wright shares how coloring can be a rich spiritual practice.

  • Practice Mindful Eating with this Short Exercise

    Author Vinita Hampton Wright invites you to practice mindful eating with this short exercise.

  • What Makes a Jesuit?

    Pope Francis was educated and formed in the Jesuit tradition. There are four key pillars in the mindset and formation of each Jesuit which make for a strong foundation.

  • Presence in the Midst of Crisis

    There is some justification for extravagance at this time of year. We are celebrating the love of an extravagant God.

  • Good Friday Reflection by Vinita Wright

    Vinita Wright shares her Good Friday poem in a video for use in personal Holy Week reflections.

  • Lost Luggage

    To begin with, I over-packed. I expected to get all sorts of extra projects done in the "spare time" that would magically materialize during the trip.

  • I Saw Jesus Today

    How often can you say, "I saw Jesus today"? Learn how to find God in everyday life.

  • God Is in the Overcoming

    We like to find God in a day that goes well, but we often find God is in the overcoming.

Books by Vinita Hampton Wright

The Art of Spiritual Writing

How to Craft Prose That Engages and Inspires Your Readers

Incorporating her extensive publishing and writing experience, Vinita Hampton Wright provides a practical and straightforward look at spiritual writing for a broader audience in The Art of Spiritual Writing.

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Daily Inspiration for Women

In Daily Inspiration for Women, four authors share their individual, spiritual wisdom in this daily source of strength, solace, and celebration that happen in the seasons of a woman’s life.

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Praying Freedom

Lenten Meditations to Engage Your Mind and Free Your Soul

With meditations, imaginative techniques, and prayer exercises, Praying Freedom is a Lenten devotional book that can help improve your prayer life and guide you towards spiritual freedom.

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Simple Acts of Moving Forward

60 Suggestions for Getting Unstuck

We want to move forward in our careers, our family life, our faith, but how do we do it when there is so much weighing us down? Simple Acts of Moving Forward offers simple but profound solutions to help us move forward in our personal lives.

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Days of Deepening Friendship

For the Woman Who Wants Authentic Life with God

Develop an authentic, dynamic relationship with God through these spiritual meditations for women.

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