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Creating an Advent Tree of Kindness

Activity Objective:
To help the children prepare for Jesus' coming by doing good deeds for others
Lesson Outcome:
The children will do good deeds for others.
For each child:
  • One sheet of 9" x 12" red construction paper
  • One sheet of 9" x 12" green construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • One sheet of colored star stickers
  • List of good deeds
Week 1
  • Ask the children to brainstorm good deeds they can do for others.
  • Type up the list of good deeds and make one copy for each child.

Week 2
  • Have the children cut out a Christmas tree from the green construction paper.
  • Have them glue the tree onto the red paper.
  • Pass out the stickers and list of good deeds.
  • Explain to the children that they are to put a star on their tree after they do a good deed for someone else. (Deeds can come from the list or from their own imaginations.)
  • During each session for the rest of Advent, ask the children to share any good deeds they may have done, stressing how doing good for others feels to them.
Learning Styles:
Art/Space Smart,People Smart
Approximate Time:
15  minutes
Make up a sample to show the children.

If possible have a Christmas tree copied on the green paper for children.
Make the good deeds general, not for specific people. (Example: Set the table for dinner, not set the table for my mom.) This eliminates problems for children whose families are missing a parent or grandparent.