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God Loves Us Spanish Resources

Spanish Resources


All of the family pages found in the God Loves Us Student Book are also available here in Spanish. View and print these resources directly from your computer.

You will need the free Adobe ® Reader ® to access these resources. If you do not have this free software for viewing and printing PDF (Portable Document Format) files, you may download it here.

A la familia en general (Note to Families)

Unit 1: Learning About God’s Love
Chapter 1: La familia y la acogida (Welcomes in Families)
Chapter 2: La familia y los nombres (Names in Families)
Chapter 3: La Biblia y la familia (The Bible in Families)
Chapter 4: La familia y la creación (Creation in Families)
Chapter 5: La familia y el silencio (Quiet in Families)
Chapter 6: La familia y la oración (Prayer in Families)
Family Feature: La oración en la vida familiar (Growing Family Faith)

Unit 2: Growing in God’s Love
Chapter 7: El amor de Dios en la familia (God’s Love in Families)
Chapter 8: La familia y la autoestima (Self Concept in Families)
Chapter 9: La familia y el crecimiento (Growing in Families)
Chapter 10: Cena de Acción de Gracias en familia (Thanksgiving in Families)
Chapter 11: El Adviento en familia (Advent in Families)
Chapter 12: La familia y las decisiones (Choosing in Families)
Family Feature: Celebrando el Año Litúrgico (Celebrating the Church Year)

Unit 3: Sharing God’s Love
Chapter 13: La familia y el pastoreo (Shepherding in Families)
Chapter 14: El amor en la familia (Loving in Families)
Chapter 15: La familia y el servicio (Service in Families)
Chapter 16: La familia y el perdón (Forgiveness in Families)
Chapter 17: La familia y la Iglesia (The Church in Families)
Chapter 18: Compartiendo los alimentos en la familia (Sharing Meals in Families)
Family Feature: Perdonar y servir (To Forgive and Serve)

Unit 4: Celebrating God’s Love
Chapter 19: La cruz en la familia (The Cross in Families)
Chapter 20: La vida nueva en la familia (New Life in Families)
Chapter 21: La familia y la luz (Light in Families)
Chapter 22: Celebrando en familia (Celebrating in Families)
Chapter 23: El Espíritu está activo en la familia (The Spirit at Work in Families)
Chapter 24: La alegría en la familia (Joy in Families)
Chapter 25: La vida y la muerte en la familia  (Life and Death in Families)
Family Feature: Las familias en misa (Families at Mass)

Special Seasons and Days
Lesson 1: La familia y el Halloween (Halloween in Families)
Lesson 2: Adviento y Navidad en la familia (Advent and Christmas in Families)
Lesson 5: La Cuaresma en la familia (Lent in Families)
Lesson 6: Semana Santa y Pascua en la familia (Holy Week and Easter in Families)
Lesson 11: La fiesta de la Sagrada Familia en la familia (The Feast of the Holy Family in Families)
Lesson 16: La familia y la fiesta de San Nicolás (The Feast of Saint Nicholas in Families)


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