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The Language of Truth

Making Good Choices

Activity Objective:
The young people will create useful reminders to help them make good choices.
Lesson Outcome:
The young people should be able to recognize the moral implications of the choices they make.
  • Index cards
  • Pencils
  • Explain that for centuries, people have made up short sayings, or proverbs, to help remember a law or good advice.
  • Share with the young people the following proverbs and discuss their meaning:

The generous man is like a tree of good fruit: there is no poison in him.
The one who cheats is like a decayed tooth: white on top, rotten on the inside.
The honest person is like a well-running car: you can depend on him or her in any season.

  • Invite the young people to share other proverbs they know.
  • Have them create original proverbs about the Seventh, Eighth, and Tenth Commandments. (The young people may work alone or with partners.)
  • Instruct the young people to print their proverbs on index cards (one card per proverb) and decorate them.
  • Invite volunteers to share their creative work and to discuss the truth their proverb contains.
Learning Styles:
Word Smart
Approximate Time:
15-20 minutes
Prepare in advance other common proverbs and point out the Book of Proverbs in the Old Testament.