Daily Inspirations

Daily Inspirations

Sunday, April 23


Saint George

They ate their meals with exultation and sincerity of heart.
—ACTS 2:46

Awe had recently come upon the disciples, it says in Acts, and this was the result. It reminds me of Isak Dinesen’s story “Babette’s Feast.” A mysterious French chef prepares a feast for a tiny, pious community in Denmark. Despite their religion and ascetic ways, these people are sinners like everyone else, and they have long-held grudges and bitterness. But as the magical feast wears on, the vain illusion of this world dissolves before their eyes like smoke, and they are given one hour of the millennium. And in a way, they don’t wonder at this infinite grace, Dinesen says, for it was but the fulfillment of an ever-present hope. We may be full of bitterness, we may still tend our grudges, but even so hope is working in us, readying us for the feast.

Acts 2:42–47
Psalm 118:2–4,13–15,22–24
1 Peter 1:3–9
John 20:19–31

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