Different Gifts 3 Minute Retreat
Different Gifts

James Martin, SJ shares his reflection on today’s retreat:

Boy, I would have saved myself a lot of heartache earlier in life had I just realized that I don’t have to be someone else. Much of my early life was spent trying to emulate people I thought were cool. I wanted to be more like this person, then more like that person. That continued until my first spiritual director reminded me that God simply calls me to be myself. And that being holy simply means being who you are—no more, but more importantly, no less. We all have unique gifts given us to build up the Kingdom. Mother Teresa said it best, "I can do something you cannot do; you can do something I cannot do. Together let us do something beautiful for God."

James Martin SJ

James Martin, SJ

James Martin, SJ, is associate editor of America magazine and a prolific author, writer, and editor.

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