Easter Symbols Activities


Explore symbols of the Resurrection with these fun printable activities for children.

Easter Butterfly
The butterfly is a symbol of Jesus’ Resurrection. Color and decorate a butterfly.

Butterfly Matching
Draw a line from each butterfly on the left to the matching picture on the right.

I Spy Easter Symbols
How many of each Easter symbol do you see?

Teacher notes: The butterfly is only one of several traditional symbols of the Resurrection. The most popular symbol is the egg, which seems to be lifeless but then breaks open to release new life. The lily is another common symbol. A dry and lifeless-looking bulb blossoms into one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. Appearing in the ancient catacombs of the early Church is another symbol of the Resurrection, the peacock. The peacock has a spectacularly beautiful tail, which loses its beauty during the molting season. But when the molting season ends, a new and more beautiful tail appears. The allusion in this symbol is to the fact that through the Resurrection Christ’s life became more beautiful than ever.