Group Role-Play of "The Disciples Bear Witness"

Activity Objective

To tell the story of Jesus' ascension to heaven

Lesson Outcome

The children will be able to retell the story of Jesus' ascension to heaven.


  • Bibles
  • Poster board


  • Invite the children to discuss what they know about the story of Jesus' rising from the dead.
  • If necessary, remind them of Jesus' gift of peace and how we receive it by believing in him.
  • When you feel the children are ready, invite them to locate Luke 24:44-53 in their Bibles.
  • If the children have not already read this passage, invite volunteers to read it aloud, and then spend some time discussing it as a group. If you feel the children are familiar with the passage, encourage them to read it on their own.
  • Arrange the children in three groups and assign each group an event from the story that they will re-enact for the entire group.
  • Have one group act out Jesus teaching in Jerusalem, have another group act out Jesus being taken to heaven, and have the third group act out the disciples in the Temple praising God.
  • When the groups are ready, invite them to perform their scenes in the order the events occur in the story.
  • Close by saying: I hope you all continue to think about what Jesus said to the apostles before he went to heaven and about how his words should affect our lives.

Learning Styles

People Smart, Self Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

30 minutes