Grade 4 Activities

for Andrise in Haiti Video


Directions: Complete at least one of the activities below to strengthen your connection to Andrise and the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

A positive role model inspires younger people and is a powerful example of how to behave. Andrise is a role model to her students. Who has been a role model in your life? Write an acrostic poem using the person’s name as the center point.

What was the first book you read by yourself? Fold a piece of paper in half. Draw a picture of the front cover of the book on the front of the paper. Write about why you like the book on the back of the folded paper.

What song or game would you like to teach the students at Notre Dame de la Merci school? Draw a picture of yourself playing or singing with the students in Haiti. Write the title or words of the song you’d like to sing with them. Label the people and things in your picture.

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Research Haiti’s climate. How does it compare with the climate where you live? Make a double bar graph that shows how the average monthly temperature in Haiti for each month compares with the average monthly temperature is where you live. What conclusions can you draw from the data in the chart?

The Catholic Social Teaching theme of Rights and Responsibilities is evident in the work CRS is doing in Haiti by providing students an education. In turn, the students have the responsibility to do their best. Write a pledge to give to your family, your teacher, or your principal giving your commitment to do your best.

Research the history of Haiti. Then construct a timeline showing major points in the history of this country. Include at least 10 different events.

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The Apostle Paul wrote letters to believers in many places. Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 from the Bible. In this passage, Paul urges the people to be generous with those in need. Make a poster that encourages people to generously give to Catholic Relief Services or other organizations that help those in need.

Andrise knew from a young age that she wanted to be a teacher. What do you think you might like to be when you grow up? What steps would you need to take to make that happen? Draw an illustrated story with at least four panels showing the steps you will have to take.

The name of the school where Andrise teaches is Notre Dame de la Merci. In English, the name of the school is Our Lady of Mercy. Write a prayer for the intercession of Mary, Mother of God, for those in Haiti and especially those at Notre Dame de la Merci school. Decorate your completed prayer.

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