Family Resources

Discipleship: It's a family thing

Finding God Junior High App

The new app for Grades 7 and 8 provides access to faith-filled multimedia components on the go! With special access for parents and students, families can incorporate evangelizing multimedia into their daily lives.

Click here to access the Finding God Grade 7-8 App User Guide.

Carpool Catechesis™ Podcast

Carpool Catechesis™ a new podcast from Loyola Press hosted by Bob Burnham, author of Little Lessons from the Saints and Little Lessons from the Mystics. In this podcast, Bob speaks with a variety of guests about contemporary topics and how our Catholic faith is more relevant than ever. This podcast is available through the Finding God app and is intended for both families and young people to enjoy.

Seasons of Family and Faith Magazines

These captivating 64-page magazines (one each for parents of 7th and 8th graders) will get parents actively engaged in the spiritual development of their adolescents by nurturing the parents’ own faith and practice. The variety of articles will call parents to nurture faith at home as they reflect on

• The Season of Challenge and Opportunity
• The Season of Togetherness and Autonomy
• The Season of Sorrow and Hope
• The Season of Joy and Celebration

Faith Moves

Designed for kids of all ages, Faith Moves is ideal for busy families who want to live out their faith. Practical and fun, this deck of cards provides opportunities for parents to have faith conversations with their children, followed by a game or activity to drive the message home. Perfect for family night, car rides, waiting in line, or mealtime!


E-newsletters, available in English or Spanish, are designed to nurture adult faith and family spirituality in practical and friendly ways. With a new volume of seven newsletters provided each year, this series helps you easily connect with and easily support families in your program; plus the e-format makes them convenient for parents to read and simple for you to send.

Fishers of Faith and Interactive Session Reviews

Fishers of Faith is an online game offering a fun and unique way for children to strengthen their learning. Ideal for class or at home use, Fishers of Faith will help your students grow in knowledge, develop problem-solving skills, and enjoy learning new concepts in an interactive environment.

Interactive Chapter Reviews help children review materials and prepare for upcoming assessments or discussions. Easy to access on any web browser, the interactive reviews make learning fun as well as simple to use at home by allowing children to email results to their catechist or teacher.

Intergenerational Events Kit

Involve parents at the start of each Finding God unit with these ready-to-use intergenerational events. The kit contains everything you need to get kids, parents, and grandparents excited about and focused on each unit theme. With plenty of skits, crafts, saint station posters, prayers, and family faith formation discussions to choose from, there’s always a reason to gather up your families and share the blessings of faith together!

The Intergenerational Events Kit includes the following components:

  • Leader Guide with instructions and complete plans for five events
  • Saint station posters

Web Items for the Intergenerational Events Kit include:

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