Finding God 2021 | Grades 1-6


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Grades 1-6

The new edition of Finding God for Grades 1–6 reinforces the program’s robust Catholic faith content through the use of dynamic multimedia experiences. Children engage with videos, audio, and interactive experiences to respond to the ongoing invitation to enter into a deeper relationship with God and the Catholic Church. Throughout Finding God, children engage with Scripture and prayerfully consider the essential connections between God’s Word and their own lives. Each session begins with Scripture, and new posters and blackline masters devoted to Bible passages are integrated into every lesson. There is also an easy-to-use guide on how to read scripture located on the back cover of every Student Book.

The Student Book features Catholic content shared in a rich context with beautiful Catholic art, thoughtful prayers, and engaging activities and experiences that will draw children in to fully learn, experience, and express their faith. Every session creates an environment in which children connect and further develop Catholic identity and literacy.

New Features:

  • Unit Saint Video opens each unit and provides students a model Christian discipleship while offering insight on the session and illuminating the life and work of the saint.
  • Unit Opener Activity includes Scripture and an activity that introduces the unit theme.
  • Integrated Art Print Page draws inspiration from traditional and modern artworks from around the world to teach core content including Catholic Scripture, Tradition, and beliefs.
  • Parent Resources accessible through the student book gives parents and opportunity to learn more about the faith concepts their child is studying in class.