Program Overview

One of the biggest challenges facing religious educators today is the arrival of young people who need extra help in order to enter the parish faith formation program. The solution to this challenge is Called to Be Catholic, a highly flexible resource that provides young people with a comprehensive introduction to the essentials and key teachings of the four pillars of the Catholic faith.

It can be used as the first part of a two-part Confirmation preparation program or as a stand-alone resource to fill in faith formation gaps for young people ages 12 to 15.

Scope and Sequence: English | Spanish


Young People’s Book

Centered on the Creed, the Sacraments, the Moral Life, and Prayer—the four pillars of the Catechism—the Called to Be Catholic Young People’s Book provides a solid introduction to the key teachings of the Catholic faith while taking into account the different learning styles of students.

Through the Young People’s Book, adolescents acquire the knowledge needed to understand their faith, participate in activities to live their faith, and ultimately come tolove their faith as they grow in their relationship with God.

Catechist Guide

Easy to use, the Catechist Guide is the perfect step-by-step companion for catechists, teachers, or youth ministers of every experience level.

In addition to clear and concise plans for each lesson, a catechist handbook entitled The Effective Catechist is found in the front of the Guide, providing valuable information and offering unparalleled support for catechists.

Based on Joe Paprocki’s best-selling book, A Well-Built Faith, the Catechist Guide provides directors and catechists with the tools they need to help English- and Spanish-speaking children know what it means to be Catholic.

Director Guide

The Director Guide provides directors of religious education with all of the tools and resources needed to ensure a successful program.

Multiple implementation models and organizational examples are offered for programs of all sizes and configurations. Various ideas for using the different program elements and for customizing meetings and retreats are included as well.

Spanish version will be available online.