Program Overview

Program Overview

Each workbook is divided into four sections that mirror the Catechism of the Catholic Church: Our Catholic Beliefs, Our Catholic Celebrations, We Live Our Life in Christ, and We Catholics Pray. These books are ideal for primary- and intermediate-aged children to use in a variety of ways, either in a parish/school setting, or home, for the following:

  • Building Catholic identity and literacy as well as doctrinal knowledge
  • Supplemental activities that catechists or parents can use to supplement existing religion programs
  • “Catch-up” catechesis when children need additional review or introduction to the basics

Knowing Our Catholic Faith is a bilingual, supplemental resource for children ages 5 to 10.

Student Workbook Features

Building a Strong Faith

  • Content of lesson is presented in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.
  • Beliefs and traditions of the Catholic faith are introduced and reviewed in an age-appropriate manner.

Putting Faith into Action

  • Activities reinforce and review content of the lesson.
  • Each level offers a variety of activities.
  • Each section ends with a review.

Experiencing Rich Traditions of Faith
The appendix includes the following sections that help build a strong foundation of faith.

  • Saints
  • Sacred Sites
  • Prayers & Practices
  • Glossary

Catechist-Parent Guide Features

Preparing Catechists and Parents to Pass on the Faith
One Catechist-Parent Guide serves all three levels. This Guide is easy to use and includes helpful tips to use in a classroom or home setting, as well as tips for teaching a bilingual group.

  • Step-by-step directions and sample lessons are provided for coordinating lessons in a classroom or home setting.
  • Resources, tips on faith development of primary-aged children, and Living the Four Pillars of Our Faith provide catechists and parents with important background knowledge.