Grammar and Writing Integration

The fundamental connection between grammar and writing cannot be overlooked in language arts instruction. A solid comprehension of grammar allows students to write effectively. Reading and writing assignments provide students with real-world applications for understanding and using grammar skills. In addition effective integration of reading, writing, and grammar can help increase students’ standardized test scores. Voyages in English, a comprehensive writing and grammar program published by Loyola Press, provides teachers with the tools necessary to help students master grammar skills and the writing process so that students can become effective communicators.

Integrating Reading and Writing into Grammar Lessons

Multiple opportunities for reading and writing integration appear throughout the Voyages in English grammar lessons.

  • Connect with Literature: The teacher support pages for each grammar section include literature suggestions teachers may wish to use to reinforce grammar skills being taught in the section.

  • Writing Connection: Within each grammar lesson, teachers are directed to specific writing lessons that apply or provide further instruction of the grammar skill being taught.

  • Apply It Now: Each grammar lesson has a brief Apply It Now writing exercise in which students are asked to apply new grammar skills in creative ways.

Integrating Grammar into Writing Lessons

Voyages in English includes opportunities to reinforce grammar skills throughout each writing lesson.

  • Grammar in Action: Grammar in Action activities throughout the writing lessons ask students to identify grammar skills in their own writing and in the writing examples included in each writing chapter.

  • Grammar Connection: This feature, found in each writing lesson, asks teachers to focus on specific grammar skills students may have used in warm-up activities. A special feature of the Voyages in English series is the strong correlation between the grammar sections and the writing genres taught in each writing chapter. For example, when teaching the writing chapter on personal narratives, teachers are encouraged to teach nouns. The Grammar Connection helps illustrate this correlation in a way that is useful to teachers.

  • Proofreader’s and Copyeditor’s Checklists: Checklists are provided in each Writer’s Workshop to give students specific grammar skills to analyze and revise their writing.

Voyages in English integrates grammar and writing in a way that teaches students real-world communication skills and builds an appreciation for language.