Daily Inspirations

Daily Inspirations

Friday, November 24

Saint Flora

All the people were hanging on his words.
—LUKE 19:48

Translating even more literally from the Greek translation, the line reads, “They hung upon him hearing.” And we get the sense of a double suspension: people hanging on his arms and knees, draped there, clinging for dear life, but also people hanging upon his words, clutching each one to hear it better. In this passage it was precisely how closely the people gathered around him and how intently they listened that kept the chief priests from finding a way to “accomplish their purpose” and put him to death. It’s a radical thought, that we can forestall calamity by closing in on the Word. Could we ever get close enough? Would there ever be enough of us to matter? And yet that is our hope. So let us hang upon him hearing, as his followers once did.

1 Maccabees 4:3–37,52–59
1 Chronicles 29:10bcd,11abc,11d–12a,12bcd
Luke 19:45–48

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