Daily Inspirations

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Daily Inspirations

Wednesday, September 20

St. Andrew Kim Taegon

Beloved: I am writing you, although I hope to visit you soon.
—1 TIMOTHY 3:14

Many of us no longer write letters. But once, if you were away, you had to sit down and write a letter in your own hand. “A letter written in absorbed silence,” says essayist Vivian Gornick, “is an act of faith.” It requires faith, she says, because you must be alone with your thoughts in the conjured presence of another person. The other person is not there, and yet letters are so intimate that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe called them “the most beautiful, the most immediate breath of life.” This makes writing letters sound a little like praying. For to pray, we must also be alone in the intimate but invisible company of someone else. Maybe we struggle to pray in part because we’ve lost that solitary habit of sharing our thoughts, even when a response might be a long time coming.

1 Timothy 3:14–16
Psalm 111:1–2,3–4,5–6
Luke 7:31–35

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