A Reflection by Jurell Sison

There were a lot more people Jesus could have healed. But Jesus was disciplined. He was a man who obeyed God’s call to keep moving forward. Through all of this, I’m sure he felt tension, and I can relate.

I experience this tension every day, trying to fit everyone and everything into my schedule. Tension lies on the path of discipline. But God doesn’t call us to work until we drop; rather, God promises love, life, and abundant blessings to the disciplined one. Our obeying “gives way to living and growing and blessing.” So we keep fighting the good fight, clenching through the tension, so that we might obey and grow into the person God calls us to be.

Jurell Sison

Jurell Sison

Jurell G. Sison is a graduate assistant at the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at John Carroll University.

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