Face to Face with Truth

A Reflection by Elizabeth Pardi

Do I strike people as someone who is friends – good friends – with Jesus?

My husband and I were recently discussing a former neighbor whom I’ve always had a uniquely profound respect for. While attempting to identify exactly what I admire so much about him, in a flash of insight I suddenly declared, “It’s as if he’s really, really good friends with Jesus.” That was it. Being around this man is like being around someone who takes all his cues from the teachings of Jesus Christ. Do not fear. Love one another. Be at peace. Rejoice. His family is not “perfect” and he’s not particularly wealthy or charming. It’s his simple, collected, lighthearted demeanor that attracts people to him, whether they’re Christians or not. He knows who he is and whose he is, what he believes, and where he’s headed. That’s enough to leave him at peace no matter what the world throws at him.

I am not quite so firm in my friendship with Jesus. When confronted with obstacles, I frequently fall into despair, forgetting that I believe in the Good News: the God of the universe has gone to extraordinary lengths out of his burning desire for an intimate relationship with me. If only all of us could be like my neighbor and walk every day in the peace of this truth, confident in our friendship with Jesus; how different would this world be?

Elizabeth Pardi

Elizabeth Pardi

Elizabeth Pardi is a wife, mother, writer, runner and perpetual pajama wearer. She writes from Columbus, OH where she seeks joy by learning and laughing her way through the messiness of this journey. Read more of her work at lovealwaysliz.com.

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