Follow the Spirit

A Reflection by Mike Lorenzo

I worry a lot. Even though I know God loves me and has a plan for me, time and again I try and solve problems on my own. Letting go of control is hard. When I resist the temptation to shut God out and when I instead turn to Him in simple prayer, I experience freedom from my worries and fears.

It’s funny really -- letting go leads to freedom. Of course, it makes sense when we realize that we’re surrendering to a God that offers us real freedom.

I remember the words of St. Ignatius in his “Suscipe” prayer, and give control of my day to God through committed, quiet time spent in prayer for a few minutes each morning. This prayer helps me let the Spirit lead me, and where we go the rest of the day is always better than where I would’ve gone by myself.

While preaching, St. Augustine is quoted saying “Love God and do what you will.” When I give God honest prayer, and follow His spirit, I do what “I will” with the confidence that it’s guided by God’s will. I discovered that His plan was exactly what I’d been looking for, and He hasn’t let me down since!

Mike Lorenzo

Mike Lorenzo

Mike Lorenzo is a proud convert to Catholicism, a passionate speaker, and a musician.

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