Catholic Family Living

Catholic Family Living

Catholic family living is addressed in the sixth lesson of each grade. During this lesson children learn about practicing healthy habits, family structure, how their bodies change during puberty, reproductive systems, chastity, pregnancy, and the responsibilities of parenting.

“My Sacred Self” Animated Videos

Lesson 6 of each grade includes an animated video that follows 4 characters: Matty, Marcie, Lucas, and Jo Jo. These characters grow from toddlers to young people, reflecting the changes students themselves are experiencing. The videos provide teachers and catechists a starting point for discussions about sensitive topics.

Catechist and Parent Orientations

The program includes catechist and parent orientations, both of which include slideshows. The Catechist orientation introduces the program to catechists and provides them with the skills and tools they need to talk comfortably about sensitive topics in a knowledgeable manner. The parent orientation introduces the program to parents and shows them how it supports them as parents as well as their children.

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