Growing with GOD | Teacher and Catechist Guide


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Teacher/Catechist Guide

The Teacher Guide provides instructional support in a consistent way using the Engage, Explore, Reflect, Respond model. The Teacher Guide offers the spiritual and material resources needed to impart sensitive lesson content confidently and successfully. Catechists and teachers are thoroughly prepared to deliver instruction with respect and clarity.

Teacher Instruction Features

  • 3-Minute Retreat: Each lesson begins with a 3-Minute Retreat to help the teachers and catechists to center themselves and prayerfully consider the lesson content.
  • Lesson Preparation: This section includes Scripture, Church background, and “In God’s Image,” a reflection on Christian Anthropology.
  • Scripting: Built into each lesson are scripting suggestions to help teachers and catechists guide children through the lesson.
  • Inclusion Tip: An inclusion tip in each lesson supports teachers in welcoming all children to fully participate in the lesson.
  • Lesson Review: A simple lesson review can be accessed via QR code or a digital index. Classes can review the lesson content as a class or teachers can use it to track student’s completion of each lesson.
  • Glossary: Each Teacher Guide includes a full glossary that contains all words to know. The glossary references the grade and lesson that each word to know is covered.
  • Reproducible Blackline Masters: Each Teacher Guide comes with 6 reproducible BLMs to support classroom instruction by inviting children to engage more deeply or to extend the lesson.
  • Lesson Resource Pages: 8 lesson resource pages enable visual learners in better comprehending the lesson content.

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